Based on a book I'm writing. Hope you like it! :)
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 My warriors fan story...... e_e

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PostSubject: My warriors fan story...... e_e   Wed Dec 30, 2009 2:02 pm

Leader: Snakestar- A big black tom with ivy green eyes
Deputy: Sandpelt- A sandy yellow tabby she-cat with beautiful blue eyes. Apprentice: Swiftpaw
Medicine Cat: Waspnose- A grumpy light brown Persian tom with amber eyes. Apprentice: Beepaw

Rhinostorm- A gray tom with pale silver eyes. Apprentice: Zebrapaw
Gatortooth- A small gray she-cat with blue gray eyes.
Horsetail- A tabby she-cat that is very nice, and just may be the nicest cat in the Clan.
Jaggedbone- A HUGE tabby tom scared with battle scars. He hangs out with Moonpath’s gang. Very mean, and he is strong enough to kill any cat that gets in his way.
Moonpath- A Siamese tom that hangs out with Jaggedbone and Limpeye. He is the “leader” of there little group.
Limpeye- A fiery red tom with a lazy eye. He is crazy, and is often giggling with laughter for no reason once so ever.
Lichencloud- A nice gray she-cat with turquoise eyes. Apprentice: Fangpaw
Wingnose- A black tom with lime green eyes. He is tough, and has a long scar running down his muzzle. Apprentice: Limepaw

Echostorm- A light gray she-cat, almost white. Kits: Fawnkit, Swampkit, Grasskit, Featherkit, Stormkit

Bluefoot- A old black tom. Easily agitated and grumpy.
Fawnkit- Brown she-kit with 3 white spots on her back
Swampkit- A swampy orange tom
Grasskit- A gray tom with amber eyes
Featherkit- A light, light brown she-cat
Stormkit- A white she-cat with blue eyes
Limepaw- A dark gray she-cat with lime green eyes
Fangpaw- A dark and mysterious black tom
Swiftpaw- A dark tabby tom with amber eyes
Beepaw- A lighter tabby tom with gray eyes
Zebrapaw – A white tom with darker stripes
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Posts : 30
Join date : 2009-07-31
Age : 21

PostSubject: Re: My warriors fan story...... e_e   Wed Dec 30, 2009 2:49 pm

A fawn ran across the grass of the valley, under a storm of clouds and thunder. Suddenly the grass, the fawn, the storm morphed into cats and stood tall over all the other cats who where over a red beam of light that looked like eyes. The wind blew, slowly creaking out the words '2 will betray, 3 will save" Waspnose woke with a start. He ran out of his den, careful not to disturb Beepaw, his apprentice. He entered the leaders den and woke Snakestar urgently. "Snakestar! I had a dream form starclan!" He mewed urgently to his sleepy leader. Snakestar sat up almost immediately.
"What was it?" He mewed, leaning closer to the medicine cat.
"I saw a fawn, running on the grass under a storm. Then the storm, grass, and fawn morphed into cats. It looked like they were leading cats over red eyes. The wind spoke. It said 'two will betray, three will save'" Waspnose repeated slowly. Snakestar sat in silence.
"Well... We should figure out what cats will save, and which will betray using the clues." He mewed slowly. "Fawn, grass and storm... There are no cats like that today. We might have to wait." Snakestar mewed. Waspnose nodded, and starting to leave.

Five mewling cats scuttled to there mothers belly, suckling and mewling helpless. There father, Wingnose, sat over them sniffing them.
"Oh Wingnose! There wonderful!" The mother, Echostorm purred. "What shall we name them?" She mewed, looking at her kits. "I want to name this brown one Fawnkit, look at her spots!" She said, indicating to the small white spots on her back, three of them in a triangle.
"That one can be Grasskit." He mewed to a gray tom in the center of Echostorms belly.
"Stormkit... She mewed to a pure white she-cat who was sleeping.
"Swampkit and featherkit." Wingnose suggested the last two names.
Echostorm nodded, looking at her kits her eyes soft. Swampkti and Featherkit seemed to push there brother and sisters around so they could get milk, too.
"Look at them, little warriors already." Wingnose purred.
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My warriors fan story...... e_e
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