Based on a book I'm writing. Hope you like it! :)
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 Just a sneak peek,

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PostSubject: Just a sneak peek,   Fri Jan 15, 2010 9:19 pm

Stories pop into my head while making others, so enjoy this randomly thought up sneak peek into the first chapter:


It was almost ten years ago since my life changed forever. I
was only seven years old at the time, and I was in the first
grade. My two friends and I were walking home; it wasn't
that far. When you're a first grader, everything seems big
and far away. It seemed normal, but we had new neighbors
in Evergreen Valley, Michigan.

I remember the house as if I were standing before it today.
The house was old and broken, and the window shutters
were hanging off of the sides of the windows. There was
always the chance the shutter had fallen off. The curtains
hid our access to the indoors. The paint on the house was
beginning to peel, while the weeds on the lawn were in
bloom. The three of us agreed it was haunted.

When you're seven, boys have cooties, so we sacrificed
our friend Derek to knock on the door. He lifted his small
hand and knocked nervously. The door creaked slowly,
revealing an older man. He had large glasses short
greying hair. His hair was probably blonde before. He
smiled to us as Shannon and I shuffled to Derek's spot
on the splintered porch.

I couldn't remember much after that, and to be honest,
I don't even remember my own name. The sounds of
police sirens awoke my aching body. I sat up rubbing
my head. Muffled words trailed in form the outside:
children, illegal, experiment. Looking around, no one
was with meMy sight was blurred by the bright light
above me. I held my hand over my tired eyes to find
test tubes and vials on the table. I looked around to
the needles nervously. I hated needles.

Soon small lights shown into my face. I looked over to
see flashlights and shining badges. The flashlights went
out, revealing the police and my father. He was a police
officer too. Daddy came and picked me up into hsi arms.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and rested on his

I think I fell asleep after that. The next afternoon, I
awoke and stretched. Suddenly, I began to shrink!
Down I went, a sensation of pain pulsed through my
spine. I felt warmer as fur sprouted from my body. I
didn't notice as my ears pointed and whiskers popped
out from the sides of my shifting nose. I would have
screamed if the sound coming out wasn't a meow.


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Just a sneak peek,
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