Based on a book I'm writing. Hope you like it! :)
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PostSubject: Prpg:Zak   Wed Jun 30, 2010 2:54 pm

Out Of Character

First name/Nickname: Zak
Habbo name: Zakamo

-In Character-

First Name: Zak
Surname: Unknown
Vampire age(If you're human ignore this):400
Race: Vampire
Group: None Atm
Family members: All Dead
Hometown: Unknown

Sexuality: Straight
Likes: Blood, running, scaring people, hunting hunters
Dislikes: fighting, quietness, vampire hunters
Fears: None
Personality: Is the quite type and hard to get along with
Allignment: neutral
Mental state: Can be both
Disabilities/Diseases: Kind of blind in his left eye

Eye Color: green(With contact’s on) Red(without contact’s)
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Medium
Body Shape: Muscular
Equipment:2x daggers, A katana
Tattoos/Peircings: None
Other noticible features: Scar over his left eye

On his 20th birthday, vampires came to his house.
They bit him and killed his whole family.
He turning into a vampire made him forgot a few things.
He forgot his last name and where he was from but remembered the pain of his family dying.
Seeing his family die in front of him drove him crazy a bit.
A few years later, he tracked down the vampires that did this.
He killed them all without even thinking about it.
A hunter saw him do this and almost killed him.
He got away with a slash over his eye leaving him almost blind in one eye.
His years of traveling lead him to the town.

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