Based on a book I'm writing. Hope you like it! :)
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 Tiffany Hawthorn

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PostSubject: Tiffany Hawthorn   Wed Jun 30, 2010 5:00 pm

Out Of Character

First name/Nickname: Ami / Aim
Habbo name: Purpledesease

-In Character-

First Name: Tiffany Marie
Surname: Hawthorn
Age: 16
Race: Human
Pets: Chelsea, devoted follower
Family members: She has rich parents, only child
Hometown: Myersville, Ohio
Other details(optional): She's a popular bitch

Sexuality: Straight
Likes: Clothes, parties, (Later: likes Joesph)
Dislikes: Rejects, vampires
Fears: Death, being a vampire
Personality: She tends to use people, but does actually care for them
Allignment(good,evil,neutral): Neutral
Mental state(crazy or not): Not
Disabilitys/Diseases(Epilepsy, Bipolar, Cancer ect): none

Height: 5'6
Weight: 102 lbs
Eye Color: Brown eyes
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Mid-back
Body Shape: Perfect, proportionate body
Equipment: Make-up, purse, phone
Tattoos/Peircings: Ears pierced, tattoo around belly button
Other noticible features: Always wearing jewelry

She was raised in a mansion and can be very egotistical. She makes fun of other kids as the queen bee of the high school. She mas many followers and adoring "fans." Chelsea sticks by her through thick and thin, and would never leave her side.



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Tiffany Hawthorn
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