Based on a book I'm writing. Hope you like it! :)
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 + Jordan Kronos + [Editing]

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PostSubject: + Jordan Kronos + [Editing]   Wed Jun 30, 2010 6:17 pm

Jordan Kronos




Six Feet - Five Inches

One Hundred - Forty Pounds

+Body Type+
Much Muscles

V;Two Hundred - Seven

+Sexual Orientation+


Slightly Insane

Assassin / Thief



Tayler Kronos - Sister - Alive

Dante Kronos - Father - Deceased

Clarisse Kronos - Mother - Deceased

+Home Land+
Alberta, Canada



On his left shoulder blade, as well as below and to the left of his belly button.


A largish scythe, though at normal it is sheathed within itself, a button on the side unleashing it to full form. Made from mixed metals, black and beige, it is fairly deadly because he likes to be harmful, due to his Satanic honoring.



Increased Speed.
Increased Smell.
Increased Sight.
Increased Hearing.
Increased Strength.
Increased Intelligence.


Fifty-Thousand Years
Vampire Crow

Jordan Kronos was born Two Hundred and Seven years ago, though he was bitten by a vampire when he was at the age of Nineteen. Stuck eternally in the body of a young adult, Jordan spends his time in the wilderness, often by himself, sometimes with a friend, but always with his companion, Lucifer. Jordan, though born back when most people wore Suits everywhere, and had to be fancy, especially when born into a family of such wealth like his own, he has become accustomed to changing with the world, and moving along with fashions and what not. He is usually seen in some black pants, a chain hanging from the pocket, and a brown vest. On his chest is a large tattoo of a rose, on his right arm a tribal tattoo from when he was younger and exploring the Natives lands, and on the left arm another tribal tattoo of a neighboring clan. On his left shoulder blade is the tattoo of Satan, an upside down star over top an upside down cross. Even at his age of just over Two Hundred, Jordan is still young at heart, and loves to simply fool around, and flirt with the ladies. Jordan prefers human females to Vampires, because he believes that most vampire women think too much of themselves, and he prefers to see the true beauty in a person. Jordan, because he is a follower of Satan, does not always show as much compassion and mercy as he might to a lover, friend or family member. When feeding, much of the time it is as if he himself were stabbed, for the fact that he is covered in the delicious droplets of blood. Jordan tends to feed on animals and men, more then women, because he prefers to not cause any harm to women. A large factor of this is that Jordan's younger sister, Tayler, had been beaten and abused repeatedly by their father, though he had no idea how to act on this because he was only around eight when it started, Tayler being four. When Jordan was thirteen years old, he had had enough of his fathers abuse to his baby sister, and murdered him in his sleep, the blame directed on their neighbors, with false evidence planted about. Jordan was off the hook, and his sister was save from harms unmerciful hand. Sadly, months later, Tayler died because of internal bleeding, broken bones, and a partially collapsed lung that was never discovered, they simply thought she had a flu, or some other sickness. Alas, after her death, Jordan went somewhat insane, and left never left his mothers side, scared of the abuse that could happen from any person, as well as her death. When her death finally came, Jordan was Sixteen, and hadn't let her leave the house with out him in ages. Her death was painless, and quick, giving Jordan a bit of comfort, because she had a better death than his young sister, though he was still stricken with sadness and Insanity. Jordan sold his home, and all the furniture with it, and left with the money he had, as well as the money his family had left in the bank and in his mothers will. A few of Jordan's friends which were all older than him, as well as having no family left, accompanied him on his journey, and they left to who knows where. With little food and water, it had appeared as if many of his friends had died, for they started to disappear, as well as growing pale, not waking up, where he had to leave them. Alone again on his adventure, he traveled to the far lands off the coast of the sea, where his friends suddenly appeared, pale, large teeth, and looking rather hungry. However, his friend since childhood, Connor walked past them, offered Jordan the chance to become one which may never die, though that at the time was a lie, but Jordan accepted. Bitten, blood exchanged, and unconscious for a day or so, Jordan was now a full blood Vampire, and left his friends to continue on with his life. Traveling to far off places, Jordan acquired some tattoos, like his tribal ones, as well as changing his looks as time went on, starting with short, army cut hair, growing it out very long to his shoulders, cutting it to about his ears, then allowing it to grow out again half way down his neck, all the while changing his clothing to keep up with the rest of society. Jordan lives in a forest now, feeding, fighting, doing what ever it takes to survive, but also keeping an eye out for harm to women, his Insanity still burrowed deep inside him, willing to burst out to the surface at any time. Jordan met a young woman, Mira, or Miracle, who he had fallen in love with. She is but Fifteen, though he still has a deep love for her, and will never give up on it. Recently, his sister had found her way back from the underworld, somehow still human, alive, healthy. Jordan was brought to tears of happiness when his little sister found him, and introduced her to his one love. Jordan now has two special ladies who he must watch out for, and keep safe.
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+ Jordan Kronos + [Editing]
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