Based on a book I'm writing. Hope you like it! :)
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The girl sits and stares at the wall.
She Feels nothing.
She Sees Nothing.
She is Nothing.

Chapter 1.

Mike awoke from the dream covered in sweat, He needed help. Every night for the past 3 years hes had this dream. He doesnt know what it means or why it happens. Maybe it has to do with the man...
3 years ago mike was walking home from school when a man came from behind a tree and grabbed him by the throat, he kept muttering in a strange language he could not understand...
Mikes thoughts were interupted by his mom.
" Get youre ass out there the bus is leaving!" she yelled
"Great", mike thought."just another day at riverview schooling system"
Chapter 2.
Mike was sitting at lunch after a few hours was dozing off and doodling on his notebook when something hit him in the head.
He turned around to see his best friend Jack grinning at him with a rubberband.
"haha douche come and sit down",Jack said
" nah im too busy looking at the really hot new chick." Jack replied
"cool where is she?" he asked
"Over there Retard!" jack said
Jack looked over to see a girl with long black hair and a beautiful body.
It was her.
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