Based on a book I'm writing. Hope you like it! :)
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 Rosalie Quinn Millison

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PostSubject: Rosalie Quinn Millison   Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:37 pm

Out Of Character

First name/Nickname
Habbo name

-In Character-


First Name
Rosalie Quinn



Vampire age



Family members
All died in a savage vampire attack

Myersville, OH

Other details


She's 4.

Cats, sweets, her teddy bear, apples and bananas, crackers, sleep,
warm blankets, the color orange, blood, Arthur (keep on reading, you'll find out),
her blanket

Mean people, Addison (keep reading), the "boys",
Daly, dogs, loud noises, bright lights, being scared, boo boos

The "boys" hurting people she loves, death, needles,
airplanes, thunder and lightening, the dark, Addison/Daly hurting her

She bubbly and cute, like any other 4 year old, even though she's actually 132.
Even after all those years, her brain still functions as if it's a 4 year old girl.
Yet, she has adapted the ability to survive (theft, camouflage, alibi, lying, etc.)


Mental state
Because of her "situation" crazy, but otherwise, sane

Rose is one of the who not only hear voices, but see fully detailed and realistic people.



28 lbs

Eye Color
Forest-y green (with contacts)
Blood red (without)

Hair Color

Hair Length
Down to the small of her back

Body Shape
Rather scrawny, but still has a bit of pudge around her belly

An orange L.L. Bean book bag that contains:
A lock pick
Her blanket
Her teddy
A sippy cup
A wad of stolen twenty dollar bills
A disposable cell phone
A few assorted crayons and a notebook

Most of what little childhood Rose had is a haze of confusion. One minute she
was enjoy her brother’s 12th birthday party, the next her eyes shone a bright
red, and her body craved human blood. A pack of savage vampires had
“crashed” the party, drinking every last drop of her families blood,
but leaving little 4 year old Rose to transform into
a blood sucking beast.

She lived as a nomad in Myersville for quite some time,
depending on the bakers day-old bread and pastries and the
kind market farmer for produce and such. She carried her life in a burlap sack,
which she dragged behind her. Because of her nomad nature and lack of home, therefore
making her quick on her feet,
and able to slip from one place to the next, forever walking with an aimless intention
she was known as “The Wandering Soul.”

In late 2005, Rose made herself at home in an old run down storage shed.
She somehow managed to inquire electricity and water, which is
being paid for by an unknowing neighbour.
Most of her furniture is stolen directly from a furnishing store or
a near-by house, while some if it was picked up at a dump or on the
curb on garbage day. She now lives is the slightly
hidden shed, perfectly happy.

Because of her schizophrenia, Rose is haunted by 12 people,
who are merely figments of her imagination. Even
though they seem the utmost real to her, she knows for a fact they’re
not real, but they still manage to get to her.

Addison is a short, red-haired woman, who claims
that Rose is a toy of the government to search of Russian and Polish
spies. She claims that Rose is being stalked by a Polish spy named Daly.
Addison threats and beats Rose constantly for this.

Daly is a fit, African American man. Though Rose doesn’t see these people
all the time, she always has a feeling that
Daly is watching and following her. Rose constantly wakes up to
his lumbering body standing over her small cot.

Arthur (the good guy) is almost like her conscience, in human male form.
He informs her about things, like where this is food,
and other rather important things. He also treats her like his own
daughter. He leaves money in her trunk at her house (which really
is from her robbing someone’s house.) He is very tall and has light brown hair.

The “boys” is a group of 9 grown men. They are constantly drunk, and are
looking for a little girl to harass.
Their names are Michael, Christo, Robert, Henry, Daniel, Damien, James, Ronald, and Fredrick.
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Rosalie Quinn Millison
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