Based on a book I'm writing. Hope you like it! :)
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 Reka Unichi

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PostSubject: Reka Unichi   Sat Jul 03, 2010 12:23 am

Out Of Character


-In Character-

No Group
None so far though if you want to be his family member ask him.
A small village at the top of a moutain in russia.

Male Straight
Calmness and talking to friends
Loud noices, loud people.
Watching his friends suffer and him not being able to help.
Nice, self kept, quiet.
Not Crazy
Dismantel Infoma, easily slipping of the spinal disks.

123 lbs

This picture tells the eye color and hair and etc.....
Well Toned, Slinder
Kitchito, Throwing Needles, Small Bag containing a tabbaco pipe.
Has the Kimeko tattoo on his back and on his chest.
Multiple Scars

He was born to his mother on December 17th 1879, during the flu epidimic, though he was small and unhealthy he survived. During his lifetime he trained with the monks in the temple in his village learning every way of life and style of the world. He learned the fighting styles Muay-Thai, Jet-Kun-Do, and Tai-Chi-Kwan. One might think that they would interfeer with themselfs, though they do not. He uses all three in one motion called Jet-Chi-Thai. He received his viel of life from the elder of the village, this setting him free to roam the world. And he did so winding up in this small area, where he is now resideing. He is very good with his hands and can make about any animal sound. ( Any questions ask him)

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Reka Unichi
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