Based on a book I'm writing. Hope you like it! :)
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 Vincent Morgan

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PostSubject: Vincent Morgan   Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:01 pm

Out Of Character

First name/Nickname:
Scott, and I really don't want to list nicknames.

Habbo name:

-In Character-

First Name:



Vampire age(If you're human ignore this):
0 Cause i ain't vampire.


None HA

Family members:
James Morgan *Father*, Cassandra Morgan *Mother*, Leo Morgan *Little brother*

Rome, Italy

Other details(optional):
None so HA


Being alone, animals, open spaces

Being hurt, people, tight spaces

Being Hurt Again

Vincent seems as a very nice guy to most people, but when someone pisses him off, the rest of the day he will be mean, aggressive and very angry at the world. He always stays away from others to avoid being hurt, because of what happened in his childhood. Vincent is a very intelligent young man who wants nothing but to be left alone, at times though when someone speaks to him he will talk back.


Mental state(crazy or not):

Disabilitys/Diseases(Epilepsy, Bipolar, Cancer ect):


none of your damn buisness

Eye Color:

Hair Color:
Dark Brown

Hair Length:

Body Shape:

A lighter, Cigars, His clothes and a dagger.


Other noticible features:
He has a scar down his right eye, that is very noticable. He never does anything to hide the scar.

Vincent was born in Rome, Italy, by two people; James and Cassandra. They lived almost on the outskirts of the city. James worked as a construction worker, while Cassandra was a baker. At the age of Five, Vincent began to go to school. When he was five, he talked to a lot of people, instead of staying away from them. In Kindergarten, Vincent had atleast 4 friends, whome he trusted with his life. Over the past years, they stayed together through thin and thick; never breaking the trust between them. Execpt when they all became Fifteen, and wanted girls all the time, the trust broke. They fighted over girls keeping them from being friends, Vincent was the one who was hurt the most; he trusted them with his life, and he was torn in two.

Since then he kept away from people, his parents tried to help him but it never did. In order for Vincent to ever sleep was to take sleeping pills; one night he made a fatal mistake, Vincent had tooken to much sleeping pills, causing him to almost die. He was saved though when his mother went up to say good night to him. She had minutes to get him to the hospital before he'd fallen into a deep sleep and never come back again. In minutes she got him there, his stomach was pumped and he was stuck there for a while.

Every night since he was Fifteen, his parents began to fight over that fatal night. This just ruined Vincent more, every time he tried to sleep he'd hear them fighting, then his father brutally hurting his mother. At age sixteen, hearing his parents fighting again, Vincent couldn't stand hearing his mothers cries, so taking his dagger his father made, he went upstairs to hurt his father. Vincent ended up being the one who was hurt, his father sent a quick jab to vincent's chest, stole the dagger and sliced across his right eye. Right away Vincent's mother had to take him to the hospital again. The doctor's told his mother that he might lose his right eye, execpt Vincent was lucky he didn't. Instead though, he got a scar down his right eye, and a scar in his right eye that was visible.

Right away, Cassandra took Vincent and Leo to Myersville, to get away from her husband. When they came to Myersville, Cassandra and Leo disappeared. Vincent didn't know what happened at all, but he was hurt again. The pain was miserable, every night, with his dagger, he'd use a stick and cut it until the pain was gone. Vincent didn't trust anyone in Myersville, He didn't want to be hurt again, the pain was to much for him. It ate him from the inside out. Now he spends his time, waiting for the return of his mother, and little brother.

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Vincent Morgan
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