Based on a book I'm writing. Hope you like it! :)
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 The Quiet Storm

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PostSubject: The Quiet Storm   Tue Jul 06, 2010 12:56 am

I looked up, from the dream that shook me. I couldn't get over it... The screams, the cries. Then, with the sudden CRACK of a cannon firing, I realized it wasn't a dream. I arose from my bed, and sprinted toward the armory. I grabbed my pulse rifle, and ran outside. with a tackle, Pvt. Johnson had brought me to cover.
"Keep your head down!", he yelled.
"What's going on!?", I asked him in a yell.
"It's those damn Sentinels again! They wont give up!" he answered back.
It was the year 2554, on a colony on Mars. Us, the Interplanetary Special Reaction Force, or ISRF, were sent to protect this colony. We have been receiving strange distress calls, of large synthetic looking creatures attacking. Command nicknaming them "Sentinels", they relentlessly fought to take back what was theirs: Mars. Humanity had recently, in the past 50 years, been conducting experiments on the Martian soil. What command believes is this race of creature are the sole inhabitants. with our first encounter, they wre obviously hostile, attackign on sight. and so we set up a small base, waiting for them.
My name is Corporal Sanders. Some nickname me, "Sandy". Im one of the newer men here, sent to help against this war. But enough about history, time to dive back in.
After speaking briefly with Johnson, I went into the heat of battle. As much good as firing a measly pulse rifle does against a 10 foot hulking monster. But the thing is, they werent monsters. they were intelligent, able to consstruct devastating weapons out of simple materials. Without a moments haste, a Sentinel Colonel fired off a plasma launcher, tearing a hole in one of the tanks. It exploded almost immediatley. We were obviosuly about to lsoe this war. time was wasting, and reinforcements were yet to be seen...
Then they sent out the Heavy Mechs.
Our Heavy Mechs are state of the art, synthetic badasses, equipped fully with a 2 megaton payloaded rocket launcher, and an M-2A4 Heavy Assault Smartgun. 10 of these Mechs ripped a hole right through the hundreds of Sentinels. This cleared a defensive path for the Marines to go in for the kill. I ran up on the front lines, before being handed a Smartgun by one of my fellow marines, who then immediatley was shot in the head. Johnson ran up behind me, and took cover. I stood attentivley, and sprayed my Smartgun outward. I took out about three Sentinels, before being forced to retreat to cover. Then, with a sudden explosion, I looked up to see a heavy mech fly through the air, and land on me....

Then there was blackness.

To be continued...
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The Quiet Storm
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