Based on a book I'm writing. Hope you like it! :)
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 Alice Pink

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PostSubject: Alice Pink   Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:26 pm

Out Of Character

First name/Nickname: Steph
Habbo name: TaintedFace

-In Character-


First Name: Alice
Surname: Pink
Age: 18
Vampire age(If you're human ignore this): 5
Race: Vampire
Group: Good Vampire
( ^ Put none if human or good vampire.)
Family members: Rhea Pink (Human Sister)
New born baby who is comming soon
Other details(optional):

Sexuality: Straight
Likes: Kids, love, running, hunting(Only vampires would know about the hunting except her sister)
Fears: To be hopeless
Personality: Flirty, romantic, polite, protective
Allignment(good,evil,neutral): Good
Mental state(crazy or not): Nothing
Disabilitys/Diseases(Epilepsy, Bipolar, Cancer ect): Nothing

Height: 5'5
Weight: 120
Eye Color: blue contacts
Hair Color: Pink
Hair Length: up to her butt.
Body Shape: medium type.
Equipment: bag.
Other noticible features:


(Youtube video of your choice)
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Alice Pink
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